Got a baby? Want to meet other people with babies?! Then come on down to Fortyfive Vinyl Cafe (don't worry, the vinyls are out of reach) for a monthly crafty social! 
We will be meeting once a month for some well earned creative space, a chance to meet other like minded parents, and eat cake, breakfast, lunch, or all three if that's where you're at. Or even cake for breakfast?! 


There will be a space for the babies to play and potter, with toys, books, blankets and blocks! So if you need to take time out to play, feed or read, that's fine too! 
Each month we will bring a creative activity for you to have a go with, and if there's something you have in mind you would like to make, let us know and we can see about setting it up for next time - there'll be a mix of making for you, making for baby, making for home, and making just for the sake of making! 

The sessions will be run by Mim, an artist and crafter with a background in therapeutic arts, and Elena, an artist, crafter and mum, with a background in occupational therapy. We want to provide a lovely monthly space for you and your baby to feel safe, welcome, meet new people or catch up with friends, and get a chance to get creative. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a baby? 
This is open to interpretation, but there is a point where one starts to question, is my baby still a baby?! If your baby is a toddler, bring them down! If your baby is pre-school, bring them down! Just be aware that the creative activity is for the parents rather than the babies, and whilst there are toys etc. for the babies to play with, you are of course welcome to bring your own toys or activities to keep your baby entertained. For those who need further clarification on what a baby is, no, your pet dog is not a baby, and no, your 32 year old son is not a baby.

What if my baby is busy? Can I still come?
Yes! Come with or without baby! 

How much is it? 
A fiver per person! 

Is my baby a person? 
Yes! Your baby is a person! But you do not have to pay for them to come! Lets rephrase the above answer to "A fiver per adult, babies free!"

What if I'm not very creative? 
Forget about it!!!!!!!!! Come on down! 

Can I bring my mum/dad/friend along?
Yes! That is fine! 

If you have any other questions that haven't been answered here, just get in touch. For those who don't know, Fortyfive Vinyl Cafe is at the bottom of Micklegate hill, next to the Fancy Dance Shop! They serve drinks, cakes, toasties and more, including gluten free and vegan options - have a look on their website for more info, 

If you fancy coming along to the next one, click on the YEAH BABY! event image above for more info and booking options.