Keeping it Crafty is teaming up with Caboodle Magazine for a pre Christmas shopping clothes swap night! Before you buy a new winter wardrobe, lets see if you can swap for it! 

Now's the time to get sorting through your clothes - bring what you no longer want or wear, and swap it for something else (if you want to - some of us just need a purge!!). We have tons of clothes, jewellery and accessories to add to the pile, and sewing stations with buttons, beads, and other bits and bobs for those who want to customise or adapt their swap finds! There will be crafty fun to be had, and a photo wall for instant camera pics, and as ever Fortyfive will be offering plenty of cakes, coffee and booze. 

Let's consume less this Christmas, share more and clear the clutter. 

Fiver per person, bring as much or as little as you want then swap, snap and craft all night.