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Mandalas and symmetry feature across a range of Mim's work, and can be seen clearly in her land art, sand art and henna. Mim began making flower mandalas in 2016, to create a crossover from the henna patterns she works with and nature art. Working with nature is central to most of Mim's artwork; the scope of colours, textures and beauty in natural forms provides ongoing inspiration and materials to work with.

Working with flowers is a joy; the colours and shapes they offer create vibrancy in the images, whilst their delicacy and connection to the natural landscape provides a sense of peacefulness when creating these patterns. Within hours of creation, these mandalas change and age. Capturing the moment just after creation, holds a memory of the mandala at its peak, before it fades and is gone. This ephemeral quality of working creatively with nature and its changes is an important element of the artwork Mim creates.

Whilst the mandalas often have a sense of symmetry to them, on closer inspection are not symmetrical. Imperfections in petals, leaves, and in the pattern as a whole, are included purposefully as a nod to the beautiful imperfections in life, so present in nature, and so seemingly unwelcome in our own lives, bodies and selves. The completion of these mandalas, and overall beauty of these images, inclusive of their imperfections, is perhaps a practice in self-acceptance, as well as a celebration of nature.

The flowers and leaves used are either from gardens, from the landscape, and bunches of flowers. Some mandalas are made with people or occasions in mind, as dedications, gifts, or as a way of sending thoughts and best wishes. 

Prints and cards available to purchase in the 'Shop' section of this site. 

For commissions, dedications, workshops and bridal bouquet mandalas, contact Mim at